Dreamkeepers SKIRMISH- Shadow Wars of Anduruna

Created by David & Liz Lillie

Dreamkeepers SKIRMISH- Shadow Wars of Anduruna
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342 backers pledged $54,812.00 on Kickstarter

SKIRMISH is a strategic fast-paced two-player battle card game that combines tactical deployment zones with character-based action.

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$54,812.00 / 342 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: March 2018
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Cards-Only SKIRMISH game
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4 Premium Solid Metal Spindown D-20s by KaKaPop...
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Hardcover SKIRMISH Strategy Guide and Art Book
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Expansion Decks- Scinter and Tinsel
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26 x 14 Playmat
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Boxed Game

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Deluxe Boxed Game
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